[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1220 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt Metallspäne bei Hörmann in Oerlinghausen.

An “all-around” choice for metalworking

Customer: Hörmann
Extracted material: Dust from metal and plastic processing
Industry: Metalworking
Vacuum cleaner: DS 1400 (DustEx)

Hörmann is known throughout Europe for its expertise in producing doors, gates and frames. The corporate group is Europe’s market leader in the sector, generating annual revenues of over 1 billion euros. Today, it is led by the third and fourth generation of the family that founded the company. Over 6,000 employees at 36 plants produce high-quality doors and gates for private and commercial real estate developers. Hörmann is headquartered in the Westphalian town of Steinhagen.


The company produces garage and industrial doors in its Steinhagen plant, just one of 17 it operates in Germany. Many of its systems generate dust as an unavoidable side effect of production. They were looking for a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner developed specifically for floor cleaning.


A Ruwac type DS 1400 vacuum cleaner is used in a warehouse (constructed in 2012) to regularly clean the large floor areas. Personnel use a wide floor suction nozzle to handle the cleaning. However, the DS 1400 is also used to clean the production systems, including the protective enclosure, and handles its work with noteworthy reliability. In addition, Hörmann treats its vacuum cleaner very well – an unusual bonus for an industrial vacuum cleaner: Once it's done its job, it is covered with a dust-resistant tarpaulin until the next use.

Our references in the metalworking sector

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1220 mit Funkenfalle im StaubEx-Bereich saugt entzündliche Aluminiumstäube bei BMW München.


When repairing vehicle bodies which include aluminium or magnesium components, it is important to remember that lightweight metal dusts can be flammable. A vacuum with a “spark trap” renders the dusts harmless, without a wet separator.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Entstauber DS64000 saugt Graphitstäube bei Drebelow in Nordholz.

Drebelow & Jahn

A Ruwac DS6 deduster is tasked with extracting fine metal dusts at a manufacturer of hydraulic blocks made of steel and aluminium

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Spänesauger SPS250 mit Direktantrieb 3,0 kW saugt Metallspäne bei Haux in Cuxhaven.


Machining in pressure vessel construction creates large quantities of metal chips. A chip extractor can be used to efficiently clean machinery.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1220 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt Metallspäne bei Hörmann in Oerlinghausen.


A Ruwac three-phase current vacuum cleaner is used in a company that produces doors and gates, both to clean the floors and keep machinery clean.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Wassersauger WSP200 saugt Metallspäne an der Universität in Nürnberg.

NMF Neue Materialien Fürth

A research centre testing new aluminium processing procedures uses a wet separator to remove explosive aluminium dust around a testing system.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger mit Drehstromantrieb DS1220 für StaubEx-Bereich saugt explosionsfähige Aluminiumstäube bei Peak in Velbert ab


A total of seven DustEx Ruwac vacuum cleaners are used in production for an innovative aluminium lightweight metal material made using powder metallurgy.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Nassabscheider NA35 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt entzündliche Magnesiumstäube bei Pierburg in Nettetal.


An automotive supplier has installed a “two-way extraction” system to extraction plastics and metals (conventional industrial vacuum cleaner) and flammable lightweight metal dusts (wet separator) in its prototype workshop.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger WS2210 saugt Metallspäne bei Salvatore Longo in Ratingen.

Salvatore Longo

A Ruwac vacuum cleaner is in use throughout a metalworking company everyday, to remove metal chips and grinding dust on the floor and on machinery.

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