Always safe. Extracting plastics and additives

Customer: Vestolit
Extracted material: Plastics (PVC) and plastic additives
Industry: Plastic processing
Vacuum cleaner: Ruwac DS 1220 (DustEx zone 22)

Vestolit GmbH is a leading manufacturer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is used primarily for applications in the construction sector (window profiles, tubes, flooring, ...). Vestolit operates Europe’s largest, fully-integrated PVC production system in the Marl Chemical Park, offering an annual capacity of more than 400,000 tons.


Vestolite is testing the profiles of new types of PVC and their contents at the technology centre, as well as testing their processing capabilities. The application engineers use two extrusion systems to handle the work, along with other equipment. Because these systems need to be converted frequently in technology centre operations, PVC compounds and other production residues can be released into the environment. For Vestolit, it is essential to vacuum this material immediately from the floor or equipment.


Vestolit uses a DS series Ruwac vacuum cleaner for DustEx zone 22 to handle the task. With a pocket filter designed for dust class M that achieves a residual dust content of 0.1 mg/ m3, the system provides a high standard of employee health protection. The vacuum cleaners are used on more than just the processing systems: they are also part of the compounding system that the application technology uses to create the new material preparations.

Our references in the plastic processing sector

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger mit Drehstromantrieb DS1 für StaubEx-Bereich saugt Farbpigmente bei Axalta


Cleaning a work station used to dose pigments in electro-deposition coating production

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS2720 saugt GFK-Stäube beim 3D-Druck beim Kunststoffbau in Kiel.

Dilba Kunststoffbau

A Ruwac DustEx vacuum cleaner has proven essential in producing museum exhibits (such as a mammoth skeleton) from glass-fibre reinforced material using 3D printing.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Absauganlage für StaubEx-Bereich saugt GfK-Stäube bei Enercon in Aurich.


Two central extraction systems ensure cleanliness in rotor blade production at a leading wind turbine manufacturer. All handheld tools are connected directly to the equipment pipeline system.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1222 Leisesauger im Evonik Chemiepark in Marl.

Evonik Catalysts Chemical Park

Dust-Ex vacuums in fixed-bed catalyst production ensure both the production machines and the areas around them stay clean.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger mit Drehstromantrieb DS1750 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt bei Laetzsch GFK und CFK Stäube ab


GRP material processing produces hazardous dusts and vapours. A company specialising in this challenging area of plastic processing uses powerful extraction from Ruwac.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger mit Drehstromantrieb DS1220 für StaubEx-Bereich saugt Kunststoffpigmente bei den Raschigwerken in Espenheim auf


Each time the batch is changed, the grinding plant used by a manufacturer of duroplastic moulding compounds must be cleaned thoroughly. The additives used include intense colours, and this helps avoid discolouration. A Ruwac vacuum cleaner keeps the area

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DA1300 saugt GFK- und CFK-Stäube bei Schunk in Heuchelheim.


A manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforced components has installed a central extraction system in a new production warehouse, to reliably suction dusts produced by all of its production systems.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Absauganlage saugt Kunststoffstäube bei Tec Support in Bielefeld.

Tec Support

A DustEx vacuum cleaner and cyclone separator work together at a manufacturer of plastic folding bellows to efficiently extract large quantities of plastic mill chippings and recycle them with like materials.


A Dust-Ex vacuum suctions PVC granulates, compounds and a variety of plastic additives in the Technology centre of a leading plastic manufacturer

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