[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Absauganlage für StaubEx-Bereich saugt GfK-Stäube bei Enercon in Aurich.

Vacuum system for rotor blade production

Customer: Enercon
Extracted material: GRP residue
Industry: Plastic processing
Vacuum cleaner: 2 central extraction systems

Enercon GmbH, founded in 1984 by Aloys Wobben in Aurich, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wind turbines. Around 54% of systems installed in Germany are made by Enercon. In Europe the figure is 23%, and worldwide the company installs 6% of systems. 

These systems stand out for their innovative working concept: Eliminating a transmission between the rotor and alternator ensures good efficiency, low weight, and low-wear and low-maintenance operation.


Enercon relies on its good vertical integration to manufacture GRP rotor blades and other products in Aurich. The individual blades are up to 70 metres long and are very light in weight despite being extremely strong. They are first laminated and then cured before being finish-ground. This is done using hand sanders, which generate fine GRP dust that needs to be extracted.


Central Ruwac extraction systems are installed in multiple production warehouses and can be connected to any hand tool. The tools, which include hand sanders, for instance, are equipped with integrated suction units so that suction is always active directly at the point where fine dusts are produced.

This proven principle was also used when the company expanded its rotor blade production. The suction lines here all lead to a central station that is outside of the warehouse. There the extracted mixture of dust and air is passed through a high-speed cyclone, which separates around 98% of the larger dust particles and collects them in a silo. The pre-filtered air is then passed through a class C/dust class M filter which also traps at least 99.9% of the very fine dust, which is classed as a health hazard. As an additional precaution, a residual dust filter is connected downstream of the main filter.

The station comprises two units, which clean the dust from two different parts of the production hall. But if necessary one unit can handle the entire cleaning process on its own. Enercon can therefore rely on maximum availability for its air purification system. Vacuum pressure is generated as needed, ensuring energy-efficient operation of the system and automatic cleaning.

Our references in the plastic processing sector

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[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Absauganlage für StaubEx-Bereich saugt GfK-Stäube bei Enercon in Aurich.


Two central extraction systems ensure cleanliness in rotor blade production at a leading wind turbine manufacturer. All handheld tools are connected directly to the equipment pipeline system.

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A Dust-Ex vacuum suctions PVC granulates, compounds and a variety of plastic additives in the Technology centre of a leading plastic manufacturer

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