[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS4150 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt Vermiculit Pressspan bei Kramer Progetha in Düsseldorf.

Flexible industrial vacuums used in the manufacture of thermal insulation

Customer: Kramer Progetha
Extracted material: Vermiculite (mineral-based thermal insulation material)
Industry: Construction + trade
Vacuum cleaner: DS 4150 with separate silo

Kramer Progetha GmbH & Co. KG in Düsseldorf has been producing thermal insulation panels made of expanded vermiculite for over 50 years. This mineral material can be processed into a fibre-free, environmentally-friendly insulation that withstands temperatures of over 1200 degrees C. It is widely used in house building and as an insulation in foundries, waste incinerators, power stations and other industrial applications.


Kramer Progetha processes the material to produce 30 x 30 cm insulation panels, which are cut from larger pressed pieces and then deburred. Afterward, the insulation panels need to be cleaned of processing residues.


A suction nozzle fitted with a brush attachment was mounted over a conveyor belt to sweep and vacuums up any loose material. The material is collected by a Ruwac DS 4150 industrial vacuum cleaner, which is ideal for collecting large volumes of dust. A large filter surface area of 11 square metres ensures uniform extraction performance over long periods, even with the finest of dusts. The DS 4150 has been customised to Kramer Progetha's specifications using components from Ruwac's modular vacuum system.

The vacuum itself is portable and the separate dust collector silo also has its own trolley frame. Vacuumed dust is emptied from the silo directly into a big-bag collector ready for re-use and recycling. However, the vacuum cleaner can also be operated independently of the silo, since a 200 litre container is integrated into the mobile unit as a pre-separator. This allows for decentralised extraction of large quantities of material. The container is attached to a frame with forklift pockets, and can be removed and dumped by a forklift.


The employees don't need to worry about regularly cleaning the C category pocket filter, since the dirt level in the filter is electronically monitored (differential pressure measurement). The vacuum controller automatically triggers electric cleaning as needed.

Our references in construction + trades


In the Dombauhütte of Cologne, restoration personnel are working to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage site. They use two Ruwac vacuum cleaners to do so, primarily to extract stone dust.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger WS2 für Zone 22 saugt Holzstäube in einem Hamburger Filmstudio.

Filmstudio Hamburg

A film production company's workshops use Ruwac vacuums in five warehouses. The operator is currently converting from three-phase current to A.C. vacuum cleaners.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS4150 für den StaubEx-Bereich saugt Vermiculit Pressspan bei Kramer Progetha in Düsseldorf.

Kramer Progetha

A manufacturer of mineral thermal insulation panels uses a Ruwac vacuum to automatically clean processing residues from the panels.

Ruwac stands out for its customised, perfectly-tailored solutions.

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