[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1220 mit Funkenfalle im StaubEx-Bereich saugt entzündliche Aluminiumstäube bei BMW München.

Vacuum aluminium dusts – with a spark trap

Customer: BMW
Extracted material: Grinding dusts containing aluminium and magnesium
Industry: Automotive
Vacuum cleaner: Ruwac DS 1220 with spark trap

With brands like BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce, BMW AG, headquartered in Munich, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium vehicles. In 2019, the company manufactured around 2.54 million vehicles and generated revenues of 104.2 billion euros.


Modern motor vehicle bodies are no longer made exclusively from steel. Bodywork construction increasingly involves the combined use of steel, aluminium, magnesium and plastics in a hybrid mix of materials designed to reduce weight and improve functionality.

This trend also impacts car body repair at contracting workshops. Lightweight metal dust is inflammable. A body shop mechanic sanding an aluminium body part may accidentally touch a neighbouring sheet steel panel. This can produce sparks which will ignite the dust.


Ruwac developed a compact vacuum for this task, and for our customer BMW, which eliminates the wet separation that would otherwise be required (in which the suctioned material is passed through a liquid to render it harmless). Instead, a “spark trap” is housed in a compact container mounted on the vacuum. This works based on a purely mechanical principle, essentially destroying any sparks that form. The vacuumed material then passes through a 5-metre long damping section before it reaches the dust pan. Comprehensive tests by Ruwac and at the BMW Development Centre show that the spark traps effectively and reliably prevention vacuuming of active ignition sources.

Thanks to their compact size, RUWAC vacuums with spark traps are ideal for workshop use. They can be used for dust extraction directly at the machine or for vacuuming dusts. When used for this purpose, the machines work without a spark trap, and the connections for extraction and suctioning use a non-interchangeable design.

Our references in the automotive sector

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1220 mit Funkenfalle im StaubEx-Bereich saugt entzündliche Aluminiumstäube bei BMW München.


When repairing vehicle bodies which include aluminium or magnesium components, it is important to remember that lightweight metal dusts can be flammable. A vacuum with a “spark trap” renders the dusts harmless, without a wet separator.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ruwac Industriesauger DS1222 saugt Leiterplattenstäube bei Odelo in Kamp-Lintforth.


What is the best way to vacuum fibreglass and circuit board dust? Right at the extraction point – with a Dust Ex vacuum.

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