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Prevent repairs before they happen – Your Ruwac Maintenance Agreement

Prevention is always better than cure, so we recommend our Ruwac maintenance contracts for peace of mind. Experienced service technicians inspect mobile and stationary industrial vacuum cleaners across Germany. They offer thorough inspections for each contract, one to four times a year as requested by the customer. After maintenance / repairs, the industrial vacuum cleaner receives the Ruwac maintenance seal and can begin operation once again. This allows you to maintain the performance, function and service life of your industrial vacuum cleaner.



Appointments are scheduled automatically and at set intervals. These maintenance intervals can be individually adjusted to meet your needs.



Your industrial vacuum cleaners are inspected regularly by our competent service technicians.


Employee safety

The only way to ensure dust and explosion protection is to regularly inspect the function of the vacuum cleaner.



Fault-free operation is ensured, and our trained technicians maintain your industrial vacuum cleaner at regular intervals throughout the term of the agreement.



Identifying wear and technical defects early on avoids repairs, protects against avoidable downtimes and ensures a long service life for your industrial vacuum cleaners.

Fast assistance in case of an emergency, from the Ruwac Service department

Our service team is fast. They don’t just arrive at your location fast; they are also fast in solving problems, although this ability is rarely called upon thanks to the long service lives of our industrial vacuum cleaners. Trust in our competent service team, which offers expert knowledge on our diverse product portfolio. Over 20 qualified service technicians are available to serve you across Germany, and to ensure your industrial vacuum cleaners stay safe and well-maintained! 

Our service technicians inspect and document the following for you:


Filter unit

· Degree of contamination

· Differential pressure

· Cleaning function

· Seal



· Belts

· Pulley

· Blower

· Motor

· Vacuum pressure



· Intake lines

· Plug connections (DGUV V3 testing)



· Seals

· Deflector

· Chassis

· Emptying unit



· Function

· Characteristics

Why is regular maintenance important?

Depending on the version of industrial vacuum cleaner or operating equipment in use, the operator may be subject to various statutory regulations:

Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety

The Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety indicates that employers must always provide their employees with safe work materials. Employee health and safety must be ensured at the workplace and when handling work materials.


The abbreviation DGUV stands for “Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung” (German statutory health insurance), and “V3” indicates “Vorschrift 3” or regulation 3. Regulation 3 describes testing for electrical equipment used in commercial settings.

Annual technical inspection

In accordance with EN 60335-2-69, at least one annual technical inspection must be carried out for industrial vacuum cleaners each year by an appropriate technician. Work materials designed for use in explosion hazard areas must be specifically considered as requiring monitoring according to the Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety (EN 60079-17). Our service technicians fulfil the necessary requirements for testing.

Manufacturer specifications

Apart from the above specifications, manufacturers can stipulate testing requirements so that the operator takes all measures necessary under the Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety.

Ruwac stands out for its customised, perfectly-tailored solutions.

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