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Development of an upgradeable digital box and digital monitoring and assistance systems based on it for industrial vacuums.

(Condition based monitoring and maintenance, digital service and maintenance controlling)

Brief project description:

An (upgradeable) digital box will be used to collect, transmit and analyse important information on the operating condition of the industrial vacuum. This data will be used in the future to optimise existing service processes, develop new service and maintenance models and provide the customer with a comprehensive self-diagnostic tool, and thereby with fast assistance. Furthermore, the information obtained can support the user’s production chain.

Digitisation will be important to ongoing product development by Ruwac.

This will serve as the basis for a significant realignment of our service model, which will act as a unique selling principal and facilitate the future integration of digital applications. 

In addition to developing the modular hardware solution, a custom front end solution will be developed focused on new application models. 

This will ensure consistent digitisation, integrating the in-house information logistics and IT infrastructure as well.

Ruwac stands out for its customised, perfectly-tailored solutions.

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